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INTERLOCUTOR (defn) - "Someone who is involved in a conversation and who is representing someone else."

In the modern electronic context it can often be difficult to communicate precisely a subject of importance, especially if the recipient will possibly be non-receptive and/or confrontational. Our team will craft your message to communicate exactly what you wish and deliver the message in the manner you desire.

All services require a non-refundable $5 initial consulting fee which will be applied against your balance owing upon delivery of service. Along with the fee, please send a specific email detailing your requirements. Details are provided below.


Services Offered:

1. Text $10

Upon receipt of your email, our team will craft a text message to your specifications and email it to you for your own use. Balance of payment will be due upon delivery of the email.


2. Mailed Letter $50

Upon receipt of your email, our team will draft your letter and email it to you for approval. If you are satisfied, the balance of payment will be due at that time. Upon receipt of payment the letter will be printed on our official letterhead and mailed by registered mail to the recipient. All costs are included in our fee for your convenience. A picture of the letter and the registered mail receipt will be emailed to you to confirm completion of service.


3. In Person $200*

Upon receipt of your email, our team will compose your message and email it to you for approval. If you are satisfied then a $100 deposit will be due at that time. As well, it will be up to you to make arrangements for a mutually convenient place and time for us to meet the recipient. We will first meet you at the specified location to confirm the identity of the recipient. You may be present or not for the conversation but we suggest you observe regardless. Upon completion of the delivery, the balance of payment is due. Note that we will require your credit card information as guarantee of payment.

* This fee may be adjusted depending on risk factors involved including but not limited to potentially violent relationship partners or family members.


How to Order:

Please send a $5 non-refundable deposit to the following paypal account.

 PayPal Deposit


At the same time send an email to this address.

In the email please specify:
1. Your full name;
2. The full name of the intended recipient;
3. The service you require; (Text, Letter, In-Person)
4. The message you wish to convey. You can be as brief or as lengthy as you wish. The more you tell us, the better the message will be.
5. Any additional details you think would be important. Examples are use of a nick-name for the recipient or yourself, tone of the message desired, etc.


Thank you for choosing Tactical Forge to to represent you in your communication needs.




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