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Business Consulting

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1. Strategic Prioritization

Anytime there is competition, all the princples of warfare apply. All business and commerce is therefore "warfare"; simply taking place in the commercial vice military realm. The first principle of warfare is Selection and Maintenance of the Aim. Our team will help to define exactly what you want to accomplish and set out the plan to get there with minimal distraction and maximum effect.

Tac Forge Public Service Freebie: Effects-based planning focuses on the desired outcome and not the method of getting there. It is far more effective. Eg. When you need the wall painted, don't go right into the kind of brushes you need. Maybe a roller is better?


2. Efficiency Analysis

Determine where your business can be optimized to boost the bottom line.

Tac Forge Public Service Freebie: Sometimes not changing anything is the best option. Don't pursue efficiency options that make small cost savings yet expose you to greater risk. Eg. Not changing the oil in your car will save you some money now, but cost you more later when your engine breaks down.


3. Professional Development

Learn how the Principles of Warfare apply to the world of business.

Tac Forge Public Service Freebie: Eighth Priciple of War is Flexibility. Being highly leveraged with no cash reserve leaves you vulnerable to unexpected loss and unable to take advantage of unexpected opportunity. Prioritize maintaining flexibility with available cash in reserve.


4. Wild Cards

Our team loves a challenge! If you have anything for which you need a solution, we'll look carefully and if it's within our power to help we'll take it on.

Tac Forge Public Service Freebie: More and newer technology isn't always better. If something isn't broken don't fix it. Remember, the lifetime of a technology is likely proportional to how long it has been around already. Eg. The spoon will be around for another 10,000 years; your IPhone will be long gone in 15.



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