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Our team has extensive experience across multi-disciplinary domains including military, law enforcement, engineering, physics, finance, coding, nutrition and exercise, motivation, leadership, and stress management. If we don't know the answer, we know how to find it.

The following documents are intellectual property made freely available as minor examples of our capabilities. You are free to use them as you like with the priviso that they not be modified and that all attribution remain with Tactical Forge; and in the case of the Cognitive Bias Codex, Design Hacks and John Manoogian III as well.


Tactical Forge - Effective Consulting for a Complex World.


 Cognitive Bias Codex with Definitions

The title above is a link to download the Codex. This is a graphic codex building on the work of Design Hacks and John Manoogian III. It represents a thorough graphical categorization of human cognitive biases. The central wheel was produced by Design Hacks and John Manoogian III and can be found here. The explanations of each cognitive bias were compiled, cross-referenced, and layed-out by Tactical Forge.

If you think your thinking is unbiased, have a good look; and think again.


 Bayesian Predictive Analysis

The title above is a link to download the analysis example. Humans do not do well at making predictive analysis with probabilities. The following analysis walks through a Bayesian mathematical example of how to interpret a hypothetical medical diagnosis. The results may surprise you.


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