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Personal Consulting

Services Offered:


1. Interlocutor

Do you have something important to communicate but find it difficult to find the correct words and/or the recipient could be confrontational. Our team can craft your message and deliver it in any format you wish from text, to letter, to even in person. See this link for further information.

Tac Forge Public Service Freebie: When communicating a difference of opinion, it is always better to frame the discussion as the opinion being incorrect, not the person.


2. Legal Art of War

If you are involved in a legal dispute then you must understand that your lawyer is a highly trained practitioner of the law but they take their commands from you. Our service provides guidance on how to conduct a legal battle using the principles of warfare to achieve your aims. We specialize in divorce but the principles of warfare apply to all conficts. Please note that our services do not include legal advice.

Tac Forge Public Service Freebie: Find a respectable lawyer who is more interested in resolving the situation for you than winning.


3. Lifestyle Optimization

Our team does not do "life coaching". We instead provide effective tools to capable individuals who are already motivated to change their lives in positive ways but lack the knowledge on how to do so.

Tac Forge Public Service Freebie: Counting calories and/or doing aerobic exercise will NOT help you lose weight. Stop eating all refined sugar. Give it time. Sugar addiction is stronger than most drug addictions.


4. Relationship Guidance

Our team can't solve your relationship problems, but we can explain what is happening using evolutionary psychology science so that you don't make the same mistake twice.

Tac Forge Public Service Freebie: Men, you want to attract a woman; then project the perception of confidence and power. Women, you want to attract a man; then project the perception of happiness and be slim. Don't get mad, get effective.


5. Wild Cards

Our team loves a challenge! If you have anything for which you need a solution, we'll look carefully and if it's within our power to help we'll take it on.

Tac Forge Public Service Freebie: The real reason jobs are disappearing is not really globalisation, although that is a factor. The real reason is increasing automation. We are living through a greater change in the way we do things than the Industrial Revolution. If you want to keep up, make your money in something your IPad couldn't do if it had hands.




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