Pilot Information: Weather, Notams, and Other Fight Planning Information.

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Pilot Information

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Pilot Flight Planning Information

Canadian Weather and Notams:


Environment Canada Weather Radar

Canadian Lightning Danger

Alberta Public Forecasts

Sky Vector


Public Weather:

The Weather Network



Flight Planning Links:

ICAO Flight Plan

NRC Sunrise/Sunset Calculator

TAS Calculator


Local Gouge:


Base Ops

American Weather:

NOAA's Aviation Weather Center

AWOSnet Locations


Weather Underground

USAirnet Winds Aloft



Mojave Specific Weather:

AWOSnet Mojave

Weather.gov Mojave

Weather Underground Mojave

USAirnet Winds Aloft Lancaster


American Notams:

US Military Notam Site



If you have any suggestions for additional info, or have spotted an inactive link, please let us know.


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