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ICP Information

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ICP Information

Preface:  This website is owned and operated by Patternhawk Enterprises and does not represent or act on behalf of the Canadian Department of National Defence and/or Royal Canadian Air Force in any way.

More importantly, this website does not distribute any controlled documents from the RCAF.  The links provided either point to open source documentation / information sites, or in the case of military documents (such as 1 CAD Orders) may only be accessed from inside the military DWAN network. 

For flight planning information, please see the pilot info page.  If there is something you would like us to add, please let us know.  Enjoy.

(D) Denotes DWAN access only.

Candian Info

Division ICP Site (D)

Canada DFLIP (D)

Restricted Canada Air Pilot (RCAP) (D)

Flight Operations Manual (D)

BGA 100 (D)

Manual of Instrument Flying AGA 148 (D)

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS)

Canadian AIM



Air Command Weather Manual (D)

2018 Weather Update and Review (D)



US Info

GPH 270 (D)


FAA Terminal Procedures Publication

FAA Preferred Routing

FAA Regulations


International Info

Overflight (Diplo Clx) (D)

Nation/Airport Accreditation List (D)

ICAO Publications

Jeppesen (CForces - *****Leaf)






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If you have any suggestions for additional info, or have spotted an inactive link, please let us know.


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